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Vogler on 14 Feb 2014 01:11 am

Contact & About Me


Call or Text:  808-882-0588  (9 am – 6 pm Hawaiian Standard Time)

Please NoteHawaiian Standand Time is 2 hours behind Pacific Time during no daylight-savings time (Winter) . . . and 3 hours behind Pacific Time during daylight savings time (Summer).

ABOUT ME . . .

My beginnings were cast within a highly unusual complex family screen play (a brilliant blending of “Mosquito Coast” & “The Piano” paints the scenario well enough). And also where we could never get enough of being within nature living on the beach and being in tune with the ocean . . . and especially through surfing, beginning in 50’s Malibu . . . that then led to our moving to the surf mecca of planet, North Shore of Oahu by early 60’s . . . then onto the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia late 60’s . . . always in search and exploration of the most remote beaches and most perfect crowd-free waves.

IMAG0049 Anuenue (rainbow)
Mano/Shark’s Cove, North Shore Oahu, Mt Ka’ala – GV photo


By late 1971, I declared surfing too crowded and moved to Alta, Utah to learn how to ski within it’s world renouned steep & deep powder snow.

Alta Alta, Wasatch Mtns

And through my 20’s, I kept food in my belly and a roof over my head, living and working in ski lodges, working many different kinds of restaurants. So while I got to ski lots and even ski instructed Loon Mtn, New Hampshire, I also explored the Northern East Coast as well as many parts of the Rocky Mountains . . . including a 3 month horse pack trip originating from the Wind Rivers, Wyoming that ended in South Glacier Park Montana, with 6 others & 17 horses Summer of ’74.

Then in 1980 at Montana State University Bozeman while studying the arts, I took a 101 physics class and suddenly realized that the levels of creativity required within the sciences were no different than in the arts world . . . giving way to an inquisitive thought . . . “Wouldn’t it be interesting to work within a research lab?”

The next year I moved to Seattle and within less than a year, I was hired out of restaurant to work in a University of Washington research lab . . . “careful what you inquisite about” and “was no accident” . . . all happened before I consciously understood these metaphysical concepts.

The research lab was based out of UW Geological Sciences Department with basic research grants from NASA & JPL. It was soon was named the W.M.Keck Geological Remote Sensing Lab, due to a very large grant from the Keck Foundation. During my 19 years of employment at UW, I went from Research Aid to Manager, learning lots about remote sensing and the physics of light . . . all while pursuing my dance passion to the fullest and absorbing the rich Seattle performing arts.

During this time, I also began my own deep personal healing, as well as metaphysical and spiritual studies with a very old wise mystic . . . and in ultimately  finding who I really am . . . from within. The more I woke up, clearly the less I came to realize how little I understood of this reality within my current limited 3-dimensional mind’s truth of things, but I never stopped climbing my own inner mountains.

In October 2000, during one of our research lab’s Hawai’i field trips to Kilaeua’s Royal Gardens flows (and my first time back to the islands since 1968), sitting only 30 feet away from some outbreaks of lava . . . I was deeply struck by a very strong sense of “Home” that triggered a huge emotional reaction to being so close and . . . “Sitting within Tutu Pele’s (Grandmother) Lap” of great teachings . . . 

RoyalGardens . . . among her outrageous most beautiful primordial creations, fresh glassy crunchings and sulphuric immersions  . . . overwhelming all my senses . . . she clearly and most lovingly called me back home . . .

 KalapanaFlow . . . so gentle, she always calms me to the ‘iwi (bone).


After moving back home and to the Island of Hawai’i in 2001, I was immediately guided to study and remember what I had forgotten, under a deeply heart-based of wisdom Kumu Hula (teacher of hula & chant), Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a (1950-2012) . . . at Kaname’e, overlooking the Alenuihaha channel, between this island and Maui.

RayleneJPG Raylene was not only a Kumu of Kahiko (ancient) hula . . . as a way of life . . . but also of Huna – that is the ancient hidden spiritual knowledge (although she never said she was) . . . and that was a perfect fit, as well as an addition to what the mystic in Pacific NW had awoken me to.

Not many kumu know how to teach kahiko dance, that when presented, the dancers actually took you to a particular sacred place and in most deeply honoring that place. She was about love in the purest sense and never hesitated to go in assisting others. Her sense of what life really is with her reverence for it and to paying very close attention to all the things, opened and awakened many hearts over the years.

And I have never heard such a powerfully gentle chanter like Raylene, who brought tears and healing from the depths of my soul. There were times while I was dancing facing the Alenuihaha channel within an inter dimensional space connected with all things . . . a keiki (baby) kohola (whale) would breach as I heard women and children laughing joyfully . . . who used to live in the once fishing village of Kaname’e where we danced.

Raylene Raylene is still very much here, holding a very strong space for things to shift of Occupy Love . . . click here for an example of her chanting and what she was about.


Then in 2004, I was strongly guided to move back to the North Shore of Oahu where I wanted to explore sacred spiritual ceremonies, as well as offer them, so I became a “non-demoninational (Universal Life) minister”.

And given my interest around how things work within this reality energetically on many levels, I also studied a new healing and manifesting protocol to the planet called “CCT” – Crystalline Conciousness Technique for several years. This is an excellent way to set up one’s energy fields (around the body) each day with one’s intentions. And is especially helpful for “sensitives”, as it turns down the volume living in a world that is too loud on all levels, so I still use it each day.

I also traveled over to Oahu’s west Waianae side to Mt Ka’ala Learning Center ahupua’a (self-sustaining land to sea community) to learn about more ancient ways . . . including making kapa (tapa) & poi under founder, Eric Enos and kapa teacher, Dalani Tanahy. And participated in some of their ongoing native peoples cultural exchanges, especially starting with the keiki (young children), as well as a Pacific Writer’s Connection workshop that included native people writers from all around the Pacific Rim.

Kaala Mt Ka’ala ahupua’a
with kalo (taro) . . . the first Pacific Islanders Ancestors, lo’i (field)


I also become deeply aware of the Hawai’ian Renaissance (that had begun in the 70’s), starting in particular with the Hokule’a/Arcturus/Star of Gladness. . . a replica double hull canoe of how Pacific Islanders traveled the Pacific seas . . . navigating by only the stars, nature and the Kupuna (ancestors on other side) . . . as “arguably the best navigators of their time” – Nainoa Thompson.

The story of the Hokule’a is hugely significant, not just for Hawai’ians but all Pacific Islanders that I like to share all about. And particularly because it’s core intention over the past 38 years defines basic human values, as taught by Papa Mau, that we so need to be reminded of at this time . . . and practice once again.

hokulea_story.jpg visual artist Herb Kane, gave Hawai’ians the Visions of who they once were and really are

The Hokule’a & her new sister escort canoe, Hikianalia, embarked 30 May 2014 from Hilo on an epic 4 year journey around our planet as an ambassador of . . . Aloha, as well passing on timeless ancient knowledge, in every port . . . essentially the Wa’a/canoe serving as a bridge to all peoples globally . . . that if we can start taking care of one another like family . . . as well as our sacred Papa Honua/Mother Earth as our own mother . . . and to remember our connection and always staying connected through the oceans . . . we are all dependent upon one another, all of nature & Papa Honua . . . our only wa’a/canoe . . . no one ever needs to be hungry again . . . and a new time of great peace will come into being . . . as there is always enough and more than plenty for one & all . . . if we malama pono/take care.

Most thankfully since the 70’s,
without the vision and enormous courage of a few,
beginning with Nainoa Thompson & Papa Mau,
Hawai’ians did not loose their entire culture of great wisdom.
In deep gratitude to them,
all those along side them, those who never gave up, as well as to
Eddie Aikau & George Helm who gave their lives.
 You can learn more about, as well as follow the Hokule’a & Hikianalia journey with links –  here and here –  World Wide Voyage.


Later I studied mediation (conflict resolution) and Ho’oponopono at The Mediation Center of The Pacific in Honolulu . . . as well as becoming a certified “Visionary Life Coach”. I was drawn to both, due to my interest in how I might assist others in a sacred manner . . . in their finding their own solutions to problems and or disputes . . . and in finding their own inner personal truths . . . . that could hopefully facilitate inner peace.

Then in 2010, I got a strong tap on the shoulder to start researching the truth of human history and of this planet, as well as ETs (our inter galactic brothers & sisters). So I ended up going down all the rabbit holes I could fine and found what is true is that . . .“Nothing is what it appears to be, and or what we were taught”. Within six months, I found my own truthiness (I cannot prove) of things, and I still like to sleuth with an open mind and crazy (or go crazy) cosmic sense of humor about it all.

Ultimately, I found by most fully embracing all the information and possibilities . . . even if completely contradictory . . . allows my own world view and multi-verses view to continue to grow and expand in the most intriguing of ways. As Raylene once stated . . . “We as Hawai’ians, we embrace ALL of our history” . . . is what most deeply starts the healing  . . .  and then allows for a whole new unity conscious timeline to be created, by us.

And we are now within a time where it feels critical to be locking arms around Papa (Mother Earth) in demanding that we are given all The Absolute Data/truth of things . . . in order for each of us best to choose what new kind of timeline we each desire to create next . . . we must have ALL the information of what has really been going on here.

More and more are choosing a unity-consciousness heart-based one, studying Common Law, as well as The Law of One, and developing new metaphysical spiritually-based technologies.

In addition, I have come to directly experience that many of the ancient Hawai’i ways, including being “in-Aloha” (and know what it actually means), Ho’oponopono practices and becoming caretakers of Papa once again, holds many core keys towards moving into the next level of human consciousness.

20120505_152838_2 Keala Ching’s Keiki – GV photo

Just after the 2011 tsunami, I was guided to move back to the island of Hawai’i from Oahu. And after working for a couple local tour guide companies, I found how much visitors sincerely appreciated my
“. . . passionate weaving together of the information (about this island, it’s people, history & culture) into a delightful mulit-faceted perspective . . . bridging many worlds through time”.
kukui-ilima_8.JPG Eternal Kukui Flame ‘Ilima lei

And because I have such a great love for it all and in sharing it with others, I am now offering an intimate & fun custom-made to your interests experiences, privately.

I Welcome hearing from you,
With Warmest Alohas,

                    Ginger . . . Pele’s Concierge

GP Merfield photo 


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